Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics is flourishing worldwide, allowing manufacturers to be more efficient than any time before. To stay ahead of the curve, teams are looking for ways to produce more products at a higher quality and the lowest costs possible. Many times automation is the way to do this.

Initially however, most managers are often turned off by the costs required for implementing Automation. But when these costs are compared to your current operating costs, you will find that almost always the Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are in your favor. We work closely with you to minimize these costs and assist with determining an ROI that works for you. Your success is our success.

We offer a simple online ROI calculator for you to try different scenarios to help you determine what makes sense financially.


  • Automation and Robotics do the work that people shouldn't do like repetitive motions, heavy lifting, twisting and turning and ergonomics.
  • Robotic systems are flexible, unlike hard automation which isn't easily re-deployed for new or additional tasks. Robotic systems are easily retrained to do these tasks quickly.
  • Annual costs to maintain robotic systems is low when compared to the cost of traditional equipment.

Material Handling, Palletizing, Pick and Place, And More

Material handling is a broad term where materials (your products) are handled by a robot doing tasks that make them productive. Palletizing is when a robot will create a stack pattern of your products onto a pallet in preparation for shipping. Often these tasks are both heavy and very repetitive. Pick and place is a term for picking parts from one location and placing them for the next manufacturing process downstream, such as case packing. Machine tending is when parts are manipulated into and out of a machine that does specific tasks, like a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. Raw materials are loaded in and machined parts come out. There are many more options, some of which include painting, welding, and manipulating parts precisely.

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