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JAM Works llc. and FANUC Robotics' intelligent robots offer manufacturers a competitive edge compared to hard automation. A combination of the world's most reliable robots, and the strongest support and Integrator network allow manufacturers to maximize profitability.
Factory efficiency is one of North America's best strengths. The productivity output of North America's manufacturers cannot be matched, neither can the work ethic or the skills of its workers. The driver of good manufacturing is efficiency. When efficiency is poor, profits are lost and quality suffers. An efficient factory is flexible, can modify its production levels quickly, add and remove shifts easily and adapt to new technology rapidly. North America is the world leader in productivity and efficiency, it is a mindset of our labor force.
Why Automate? To reduce time that products go to market. To decrease production cost. To improve the effectiveness of a workplace. To increase the product quality. To provide a safer work environment. To increase your productivity and output. To free up time by eliminating simple repetitive task. Robots have customizable end of arm attachments to handle various material. Robots are equipped with integrated force sensing to detect the amount of pressure to not break any products. Robots eliminate hazardous and very repetitive task for valuable operators. FANUC robots feature integrated Dual Check Safety (DCS): o Check the speed of the robot as well as the position.
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Why Automate? To increase productivity and output. To reduce time to market. To improve ergonomics. To increase in product quality. To eliminate hazardous and repetitive tasks. For a safer work environment. To control processes. For historical production data and logging. etc…
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