When you're in a JAM, we Work!

Why Jam Works?

JAM Works today is an industry leader by providing some of the world's leading manufacturers with cutting edge and highly durable equipment. We consider each project a partnership and work hard to understand your product and process so we can design an automated solution to deliver the best results.

We supply fully custom turn-key solutions by being very dedicated to each client & supplier, and by following simple, old fashioned values of hard work, dependability, loyalty, integrity, respect and honesty. Combined with exceptional creative designs.

Each system is designed with PRIDE (Professional, Repeatable, Innovative, Durable and Easy to maintain).

JAM Works was the 2013, 2018 and 2021 recipient of the Fanuc Robotics Sales Leadership Growth Awards.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Robotic Engineering
  • Full-service Controls and Robotic Test lab with simulation capabilities
  • Design, Programming, Wiring, and Safety Development
  • CNC and Conventional Milling and Turning capacity
  • Welding, Passivation, and Laser engraving
  • Painting & Powder coating
  • Fabrication, Testing, Prototyping and 3D scanning and printing
  • Company wide business management software with client collaboration features, including Timelines, Gantt Charts, Milestones, Scheduling and project management tools

We do it under one roof, from estimating, to concepts, fabrication & assembly, integration and after sales support.


FANUC Robotics is the largest supplier of robotics worldwide and the only US based robot product and development team in North America. These are the most reliable robots worldwide with the strongest support and integrator network. How did they become the best? They focus on only a few products, and focus on doing them right. They specialize in robotics, Servo Motors and CNC controls.

Every robot has built in intelligence to include dual check safety, force sensing, vision, and line tracking. FANUC's features include zero obsolesce for the life of a production robot, 100,000 hour historical mean time before failure, and payloads ranging anywhere from .5kg - 2300kg. FANUC Robotics have common controller across all robots. and include US Manufacturing, Sales and Development teams. With 24/7 technical support 365 days a year, you will be hard pressed to find these features anywhere else.

JAM Works is proud to be an Authorized FANUC Robotics exclusive system integrator since 2010.

why automate?

Automation has many proven benefits. Automation increases productivity and output all while creating a safer work environment. Automation reduces both costs and waste and creates quicker responses to the market while meeting demands.

Not all automation is created equal. Our systems stand out as they are built to last for many years of service. Each system is designed to exceed expectations by identifying the pain points you face everyday. Automation makes for the best return on investment (ROI) and lowest total cost of ownership. We have the right experience and technology to assist in reaching your goals.

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